January 15, 2010

Steven Harley knew he was in for it. walking down to the headmaster’s office, he felt nervous. He had thrown a book at another student in his English class because the student had insulted his work. His teacher had immediately told him to go to the headmaster’s office. On his walk down the hall, he knew he would be paddled.

Steven reached the office and told the headmaster’s secretary that he was there for detention. She went to tell the headmaster and soon Steven was brought in. The headmaster instructed him to sit at a single wooden desk and write over and over “I will not throw things.” After about half an hour had passed when the headmaster told him to stop. He took the paper and examined, satisfied. Steven was about to leave when the headmaster told him that his punishment wasn’t over. He told Steven to drop him trousers and he made Steven bend over his desk. He disciplined Steven with his cane, 12 hits. Then he had Steven drop his Y fronts and he gave him another 12 hits with the cane. Steven was allowed to go and when he got back to his building, he examined his bare behind in the boys’ bathroom. It red and bruised, with stripes along each cheek. Not to mention, sore. He would not be able to sit for a while.


A First Spanking

January 13, 2010

John sat in his living room writing. He was an amateur writer living in L.A. with his wife and 11 year old son. On this particular day, he was working on his first script for a feature film that he hoped could get produced and thus launch his career as a filmmaker. He wanted to be just like Spielberg some day. Late that afternoon, he was stirring a pot of soup on the stove when his wife came home from picking up their son at school. His name was Jack. His wife quickly informed John that Jack had gotten in trouble for school for fighting. John told Jack to go to his room and that he would come talk to him. When Jack was out of the room, John’s wife told him that he should spank Jack for fighting and that it was the right kind of punishment to ensure that he wouldn’t fight any more. John didn’t want to spank his son because he had been spanked a lot as a kid for minor things and he didn’t feel that he should spank Jack. After all, Jack was his only kid and besides, boys will be boys. But his wife insisted because she didn’t want Jack to get arrested if this behaviour continued as he got older. She also pointed out that John was the head of the house and that it was his responsibility to carry out the discipline. In the end, John knew what he had to do.

John went into Jack’s room and asked him about the fighting. Jack told his father that the other kid had taken something from him and he was only trying to get it back. But John told him that fighting was never the answer, only to be used in self defense. He told Jack that he had to spank him. He told Jack to pull down his pants and to bend over his lap. Jack did and John pulled down his underwear. John told Jack that this was only because he loved him. He began spanking Jack over and over on his bare bottom, first soft then harder. Big tears streamed down Jack’s face as he cried loudly with each spank. John spanked jack until his bottom began to turn a reddish pink color. He stopped and stood Jack up and told him to pull up his pants. Jack did, wiping his tear stained face. John hugged his son and told him that the next spanking he would get (if needed) would be with a belt. he told him that he wasn’t too old to get a spanking and that if he needed one he would be disciplined this way until he graduated high school. John left his son to think about this. With his father gone, Jack closed the door and pulled down his pants and underwear again. He rubbed his sore bottom and tried hard not to cry any more. He knew that he would have to try and behave or it was only going to get worse.